Creativity is Self-Love


contributed by Triber Lacy Benton ( @skylitsoul )

Creativity is a beautiful word perhaps because of the images it conjures in the mind of the reader. In a world of the concrete, creativity is both a word and a concept of the ethereal in the company of similarly luscious abstracts such as love and spirituality. And in that it is abstract, creativity is also subjective. The process by which something is made and brought to fruition is as unique for each person as the product it produces—a living, evolving world of art built on perspectives and dreams. While it cannot be quantified or measured, the call to create reaches deep into the soul of all artists within their respective domains and when answered, can manifest as a deeply nourishing act of self-love.

1. Creativity Is Validation

Your work, however great or small, will change the course of history in that you will be bringing something into existence that did not exist before. Even if it never reaches another person, it will change your life because it will be something you have made and that speaks wonders to the type of person that you are. You have listened to a part of yourself and decided that it has meaning. You have invested hope into the future and into yourself.

2. Creativity Honors Your Strengths

The various mediums through which people choose to express themselves speak to a greater pattern of how they observe and synthesize information from their environment.  Writers value communication. Poets feel. Musicians hear life’s rhythms. Painters and photographers see. Sculptors and architects interact with their physical surroundings. Each artist shares a unique perspective in a way that feels right for them, in a pure fashion that represents the way they navigate the world. Unfettered creativity equals unfettered expression of one’s inner world, a daring but often needed act of self-love.

3. Creativity Heals

Making an object, individual, or event the subject of your creative process provides you an opportunity to directly acknowledge and address your feelings surrounding it as well as provide yourself the loving attention necessary to do so. Creative output can also serve as an outlet for communicating feelings and wishes, managing the pain of loss, grief, anger, or simply taking the opportunity to “say” something you haven’t otherwise been able to. It may seem selfish but often times it’s a call to pay some attention to yourself.

4. Creativity Connects You To Yourself

Consider the things that inspire you. They are often extensions of your interests and values and by revisiting these things over and over, you are taking a moment to reconnect to the core of who you are—a practice that serves to anchor you in the sea of influence that comprises everyday life as well as to help you maintain a clear understanding of your ideals and how you relate to the world. Fully embracing the things that make you you, an original, is a way of telling yourself that you matter.

- Lacy Benton, 2018

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