Monday Motivation: Perservering Through Doubt

                               image found on Pinterest.

                               image found on Pinterest.

contributed by Triber Holly Leemaster (@musingsbyholly)

The best thing I’ve found about writing is that you just decide to do it. You put pen to the paper or your fingers to the keys and let it flow. You do not have to have any previous experience or talent. You might need some bravery, though. Allowing your soul to be laid bare in front of the eyes of someone you know can be terrifying. Be prepared for shame, judgment, repression, questions, rejection, emotional abuse, frustration, and helplessness. But also, be prepared for enlightenment, healing, acceptance, satisfaction, and excitement. Your journey is not meant for everyone, but that’s what makes it even more worthwhile.

If I had been handed a list of things that would happen after I had started writing, I think I would have dove into my passion earlier. Like many others, my journey is a way of healing. I had originally started writing because I wanted to connect, but I had had these desires for a long time prior. I had been isolated from people in my direct family because they didn’t understand my love for art and the need to create, but that isolation only fueled my writing. I started writing articles for The Odyssey Online through my time in college but I still had a desire to go deeper. I felt like I couldn’t really tell my story through those articles. I’ve been told numerous times by those closest to me that the things I read are junk and one of my parents would even hide books I had bought for myself just because they weren’t non-fiction and poetry was too confusing for them. I’ve been told that my education is worthless and that I’ll never do anything worthwhile.

After dealing with the emotional abuse of a narcissist for so long, I had snippets and ideas for longer poems, so eventually I started writing them down out of spite. Through this I gained enough courage to start posting them on Instagram and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve learned to appreciate those who do not question who I am and accept me for it. I’ve also learned that the opinions of others should not dictate your creative freedom. Experiences are your own to bear; whether you choose to share them and the ways in which they are reminisced.

It’s inevitable to make a connection once you put yourself out there. Actively pursuing each human connection and emotion aids in the journey. Any experience is fair game for writing. So take that space that needs nurturing and let the words find their way to you. Dig deeper into your wounds and let what you create be the healing balm. Push through each setback until you make yourself proud. You might even surprise yourself along the way. You can allow your voice to be heard if you just have some courage, a little bit of patience, and a whole lot of purpose to fill in your words.

As another year rolls around, it’s more vital than ever that those who have an affinity for words to share their stories. No one ever really knows where to start; just know if you push through that uncertainty, it’ll be worth the struggle. If you’re anything like me, I knew I wanted to write something that would matter, but I kept overthinking it instead of just letting my isolation take its time and allow my ideas to cultivate. I wanted to let others know that their struggles are not in vain and you could unearth wonders if you stowed that doubt away.

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- Holly Leemaster, 2018

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