happy 1st birthday tribe of poets!


it's hard for me not to feel like a proud parent today. i know it's not nearly the same as having a child but for the amount of time, patience, energy, and love i've put into Tribe, i consider it my baby. 

if you would have told me a year ago today that i would be running Tribe by my lonesome (although thanks to my new engagement curator Hannah, i no longer feel as deep in the trenches as i once did), i wouldn't have believed you. Tribe was originally supposed to be a poetry community run by three different poets on two different continents. by our May 1, 2017 launch date we were only two poets on two different continents, and by July of 2017, Tribe was run by one poet on one continent. guess who? 

from the very beginning, i always had extremely high hopes for Tribe. it was never about gaining a million followers or becoming a recognized name on the Instagram scene. it was always about creating a place for writers to come, feel inspired, network, and live out their passion in a supportive and encouraging environment. i had an abundance of ideas and an overwhelming amount of goals i wanted Tribe to achieve. some of them were a little unrealistic but most i have seen through and accomplished.

i would be lying if i said there weren't a few moments that i wanted to quit. i remember telling multiple friends of mine that i just didn't have the energy or time in invest in Tribe anymore. it's hard enough to grow one account let alone two simultaneously. thankfully, they helped me see outside of my emotions, and reminded me why i started Tribe, why i continued with it once i became the only one to run it, and how many of my goals i still need to meet. ultimately i knew i would never be able to forgive myself if i quit the second times got a little hard. 

we're not an insanely large Tribe, but we're a family. we encourage each other. we support each other. we inspire each other and help each other through creative blocks. some have even created personal relationships and deep bonds with each other, including myself. to me, that is a far better accomplishment to have than an abundance of followers or worldwide recognition. 

to my Tribers - THANK YOU! thank you for being a member of this family. thank you for trusting me with your art. thank you for inspiring me and motivating me. thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs. thank you for all of the messages and comments you've sent over the last year telling me how the Tribe has made you feel or impacted your life. those messages mean more to me than you could ever know or understand and i always seem to get them on the days i'm really questioning myself, the direction of Tribe, or my own creativity. you all have changed my life indefinitely so from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

as for the future, who knows what will happen! the older i get, the more confident and comfortable i become within myself, the more the unknown no longer scares or intimidates me. i have come to understand and appreciate that whatever is meant to be will be and whatever doesn't just wasn't part of my destiny. i am constantly plotting and coming up with different ideas (usually at night when i'm trying to fall asleep SMH) so stay tuned! 

i encourage each of you to just keep going. keep writing. keep building. keep pursuing whatever it is that makes you feel alive. continue to build trust within yourself and continue to dream. with each day take another step towards those dreams and never, EVER, let anyone steer you away from them. 

love & light,