if i was able to tell you about myself i most certainly would but every time i think i have myself figured out i do something, i feel something, i think something i’ve never experienced before which sends me on a new adventure of trying to find a different understanding about myself. in thirty one years i have lived, i have loved, i have lost, & i have laughed harder than i’ve done any of the others. my world spins on an axis of chaos and contradiction & while it makes for a difficult existence, it provides me with an overabundance of inspiration.

what i do know is that i love to write. i know i live to write, i know it’s my purpose, i know it’s my dream, & i know i am nothing without the ability to free my mind by way of spilled ink. it’s taken most of my teen & young adult life to realize what it was that i felt every time my pen would touch a piece of paper or my fingers would dance along a keyboard. i pray everyone gets a chance to experience that feeling at least once in their life. the feeling of knowing you were created for a reason & not to merely exist. that your heartbeat has a purpose that goes beyond the physical. that your soul is meant to be felt by more than just yourself & your spirit has the ability to change more lives than you could ever imagine.  

i started this journey with the goal of making people feel less alone in this world. none of us will make it out of this life without experiencing every single emotion humans are capable of feeling. it’s the price we pay but also one of the greatest blessings we will ever receive. that is still my goal however now it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. i want to inspire more, love more, motivate more, encourage more, uplift more, grow more, & learn more about myself in the process.

i thank you for being here, for allowing me into your world & for wanting to take a glimpse into mine. i value & appreciate the fact that you could be anywhere doing anything but you’re here & that means more to me than i could ever put into words.

love & light,