episode 008: creating the life you want & finding a job to support it

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holy. wow.

sitting down to write this introduction feels … strange.

it feels awkward. i feel guilty. somewhat embarrassed. uncomfortable in a sense only creatives who take 6 months off from creating know or understand.

but i also feel excited. proud. inspired.


ready to share. ready to be transparent. ready to take a step forward in a direction that was once so familiar but has since become foreign.

it wasn’t only this podcast i slid completely off the burner - it was everything.

poetry, #elevatewitheleven emails, reading, writing, photography - all of it not only left the kitchen, it left the house.

reality - or at least the one i was so blindly emerged in - had no space nor extended any forgiveness for actions that were not influential to my goals and the time-frame i set to achieve them. which by the way, BAD idea and i do not recommend anyone putting that kind of pressure on themselves.

life has significantly settled down since moving 5 months ago but i still struggle daily in my relationship with my creative self. as of late she takes an extensive amount of conscious and consistent effort to engage with and most days, i just don’t have it to give.

it’s like i lost or forgot the language i used to know that was able to get her to flow without hesitation, damn near on command.

it’s like taking a break from the gym or allowing yourself a cheat week (fuck a meal, take the week).

once you get in the routine of NOT, it becomes near impossible to DO.

that’s why a part of me is so proud right now - proud that i actually recorded AND edited (the bane of my existence) this podcast and am able to finally share something of substance.


episode 008 is about where i’ve been (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and where i am now.

i invited my new boss Emily to join me on this episode as we share similar stories of picking up and moving an adult life and all the stress, fears, and doubts that go along with taking such a risk. Emily has been on both sides of the employment spectrum - both as an interviewer and an interviewee - so i asked her to come and share her story, experiences, and offer some advice to those in the same boat as we once were.

i thought this would be an interesting topic to do a ‘cast on because the majority of people never end up chasing their dreams or pursuing their purpose because of their fear of money.

rather than focus on how profitable we could be - literally and figuratively - by doing what we want to do, care about doing, were DESTINED to do, we let the thought of failure and debt control the moves we so desperately want to make.

and money - or the lack thereof - is something to take into consideration, but by no means should it ever be a force that stops us from living up to our highest potential.

remember - you are in absolute control of where you go and what you do in this life.

you are the only thing stopping YOU from experiencing all you want to - all that you dream to.

get out and get to it before it’s too late or before you spend the rest of your life watching everyone who is.

+ t h e b r e a k d o w n +

(times approximate)

1:14 - intro

2:11 - where i’ve been

6:45 - about this episode

8:00 - welcoming Emily

12:35 - Nashville is expensive!

16:50 - knowing what you WANT to do

18:34 - knowing (or not knowing) where to go

20:15 - indeed, linkedin, glassdoor oh my!

24:28 : phone interviews are the new thing

25:16 : interviewing with Emily & how i got the job

27:15 - 4 interviews, 2 days, and an emotional meltdown

29:28 - the politics of interviewing while still being employed elsewhere

34:30 - having goals … and failing to achieve them

35:29 - titles and pay grades and how/if higher education influences them

41:00 - the do’s and don’ts of interviewing

42:27 - post interview anxiety

46:09 - leaving a job i loved & the aftermath

58:58 - how quickly things escalate

59:53 - what i didn’t expect

1:01:38 - regrets

1:09:24 - closing


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