episode 007: shhh...it's a secret! (with special guest maclin bilski)

photo taken by Maclin. to see more of his photography click    here   .

photo taken by Maclin. to see more of his photography click here.

how many of you are believers in the universe, the law of attraction, manifestation, and the ideology of “ask, believe, receive?”

i was always a believer in trendy sayings like “what’s meant to be will be” and “positive vibes only” but yet every time shit went left, those roll-off-the-tongue, non-nonchalant sayings seemed to go with it.

it wasn’t until i found the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes that i really learned what the law of attraction truly meant, how my thoughts directly impact the way the universe (in my own personal world) works and the steps i need to take to receive the things i want.

fellow poet, photographer, and just all-around creative genius Maclin Bilski joined me on this episode to discuss this book as he had a similar life-altering experience after reading it.

continue reading for more information about The Secret and the links discussed in this ‘cast!

+ the breakdown +

(times approximate)

0:14 - intro

1:47 - about The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

4:08 - openings for book suggestions

5:02 – reading of the book intro

7:12 – about maclin

8:05 – how our universes collided

8:48- about the Reaffirm+ app

10:48 – our individual stories about our experience with The Secret

14:36 - about the law attraction

16:50 - about spirituality

20:15 - we are a human transmission tower  

22:10 – about purpose

31:04 – the reason why people don’t have what they want

36:14 –  surrounding yourself around like-minded people

41:25 – about work ethic

43:05 - the importance of doing what you love

47:26 - how to use The Secret

50:40 – the challenges of The Secret

51:51 – about believing

55:09 – getting detoured and forgiving yourself

1:02:24 -  staying focused

1:04:00 – mac’s rating and recommendations on The Secret

1:05:20 – Rhonda Byrnes’ 10 Secret Life Changing Insights

1:07:18 - closing

+ links discussed in the ‘cast +

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