episode 006: the generation debate ( part one )

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episode 006 is finally here!

i talked about this a little in the episode and also in an instagram post, but between pre-production, recording, and post-production, podcasting takes a decent chunk of time, but i make things SO worse ( & triple the time ) by trying to master and perfect every little detail * emoji eye roll . *

some days i feel so blessed to have the mind of a creative and other days …

anywho - episode 006 is all about the millennial vs. baby boomer debate HOWEVER - before you get to eye-rolling and turning back to whatever ratchet guilty pleasure song you got on repeat as of late - this isn’t your typical debate/conversation.

in fact, episode 006 is one of two parts, and only includes my thoughts, experiences, and opinions on a topic that seems to monopolize so many dinner tables, road trips, television programs, and sporting event conversations. (tune into the ‘cast for the scoop on part two!)

as an 80’s baby, i feel us millennials aren’t always portrayed in the prettiest of lights and some of that is our doing however some of it is not and in episode 006, i break it all down for you!

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+    the breakdown    +

( times approximate )

0:14 - intro

1:06 - life update

3:31 - media update

7:56 - about episode 006

9:56 - goal for this episode

12:08 - breakdown of the generations

16:43 - story time

19:10 - where (i believe) millennials lose respect

22:39 - the importance of education

28:32 - the generation of the dreamer

33:44 - my personal/internal struggle

38:32 - Peter Pan Syndrome

52:01 - closing


+   articles referenced in ‘cast    +

“Baby Boomer”

“Generations X, Y, Z, and the Others”

“The Generation Guide - Millennials, Gen X, Y, Z, and the Baby Boomers”

“Peter Pan Syndrome: What Makes the Millennials Different?”

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