episode 005: my life changing little black book


when i say this book changed my life i mean it.

& not in the dramatic, over the top kind of way.

in the mental kind of way.

& in the way i saw the world.

& in the way i viewed myself.

in the way i felt about pursuing my dreams, about finding my purpose.

about understanding i wasn’t created by whichever God to just be another mass taking up space on this planet.

that i was created for a reason & that reason is worth finding, worth knowing.

& i am in full control of how i choose to get there.

this book is more than just ink on paper bound together between two leather covers.

it’s direction. it’s motivation. it’s inspiration. its knowledge.

it’s wisdom. it’s cold truths & hard facts.

it’s what we need to hear when we don’t want to hear it.

it’s what we need to know when those around us haven’t taught us.

it’s the love we need when all we’ve ever known love to do is lie or leave …

+ the breakdown +

( times approximate )

intro – 0:14

the basics – 2:46

why i recommend this read – 3:41

what the author of The Alchemist has to say about it – 5:11

the layout – 6:45

my only disclaimer – 7:55

section one – 9:06

let freedom ring – 11:45

story time – 15:00

scaring myself out of my purpose - 20:13

how other people have a role in our own fears- 22:14

the message this world should live by - 24:26

enjoying the struggle - 29:15

the motivation factor - 31:45

the power of having a choice - 33:22

the 9 different declarations: 36:25

pros & cons of the book: 38:15

random passage read - 43:24

are you? - 48:17

in conclusion - 51:53

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