episode 004: who knows me better - best friend vs. manager


this podcast episode was so much fun to record because not only did i get to have two of the closest people to me basically compete over how much they love me, but do i now get to be taken out on a date by the winner (don't worry champ, i'll dress pretty for you)!  

i'm not going to do a breakdown for this episode because we played a trivia game in it however like i mentioned in the intro, i definitely wanted to list & link the new equipment i have upgraded to podcasting with, & the reason for why this 'cast sounds SO MUCH better.

i am thrilled with the sound of this episode & i also love how my guests & i can sit back & relax when recording & not be restricted to huddling around my computer at a table.

you can check out all of the equipment in my Amazon store by clicking my Amazon Affiliate links below:

Dynamic Mic: BEHRINGER Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Vocal Mic


Audio Mixer: BEHRINGER XENYX 802

as i mentioned in the 'cast, i will be doing a podcast episode specifically for starting a podcast, what equipment i started with, how important is it to have quality equipment, & the million dollar question - how much money does it cost to start one, but for those of you who have messaged me asking what i am currently using - these are my new babies & i could not be more happy with the upgrades! just listen to the difference between mics in episode one with the Blue Snowball Ice Condenser Mic  & episode four with the Behringer Dynamic Mic! 

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manager @bbqx

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if you are in your 30's & interested in being a guest on the podcast or have a topic you would like to hear discussed on the show, i'd love to hear from you! 

as always, thanks for listening! i appreciate your love & support immensely! 

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