episode 003: thirty & single in the city of brotherly love


philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love and maybe it was many many many moons ago but right here, right now, in 2018 - it's easier to find $20 floating down the street than it is to find love here.

i’m sure being in your thirties and single isn’t ideal for a lot of people regardless of where they are geographically (unless you’re me and you feel absolutely stupendous about it), but being in philly (probably why i feel such peace) adds a different beast of an element to the equation.  

if you aren’t from here or never tried taking anyone seriously inside these city limits, there is no way you will ever understand the turmoil us philadelphian’s go through when dating, however this podcast will definitely give you a good idea of the chaos that ensues on the both the male and female playing fields.  

i strongly feel the males in the city have created the insanity and have in turn taught the females how to play the game. we have since mastered it and now all hell has broken lose *emoji big eye face.*

in this episode i am joined by my girl candice who i have been friends with for over a decade and have shared endless late nights, early mornings, falling in and out love debacles, and more laughs than one can count. there was no one more perfect to join me on this podcast - especially since we've spent the majority of our friendship terrorzing the city with our own shenanigans!

here are a few throwback pics of candice & i in our glory days !

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(times approximate) 

0:14 intro
3:22 - welcome candice
4:30 - the kid talk
6:51 - kissing cousins ? 
7:36 - what’s the issue with dating in philly ? 
9:13 - would you be a sugar baby? 
10:21 - do all cities have dating issues? 
11:00 - dating younger vs. older men
13:54 - candice’s  last serious relationship
14:46 - that one time we stalked her man friend
16:36 - the history of young wale
17:26 - commitment issues
20:18 - that one time candice was my wing woman
23:00 - love & marriage
24:00 - is forever a real thing ? 
26:26 - no love in the city of brotherly love
28:50 - dating in philly in our 20’s vs. 30’s
29:34 - that one time with a married man
33:32 - being a mistress
35:53 - is love worth going to jail for ? 
37:29 - sex in your 20’s vs. sex in your 30’s
40:13 - hitting sexual peak
41:00 - scam artist D
42:33 - single sex vs. relationship sex - is there a difference? 
43:37 - “who remembers the first time they had sex?” 
44:22 - do philly men have the best sex? 
45:10 - leaving philly
46:17 - define “hoe”
48:10 - being in multiple sexual relationships at the same time
49:16 - threesomes, trains, & DP’s
50:50 - finding philly people on PornHub & making home movies
51:37 -  rate dating in philly
52:23 - the woman’s role
54:37 - doing it for the ‘gram
57:00 - outgrowing home
58:16 - living vicariously through candice’s  vagina
58:26 - closing


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