episode 002: sex, lust, & love - do you know the difference?


i for one damn sure didn't know the difference in my 20's but i think i have them figured out now at 31 - however i am single. God only knows what'll happen to my brain the second i find a man i can tolerate for longer than 8 seconds again *emoji eye roll* 

this episode was a BLAST to make because i had the Batman to my Robin with me as a guest! not only did we laugh our asses off - but did we learn some rather interesting (term used loosely) things about each other. 

DISCLAIMER: if sexual topics, conversations, verbiage, jokes, or any and all things sex related offend or make you uncomfortable - this podcast is DEFINITELY NOT for you. 

however if you are down for a GOOD laugh (and i mean deep belly laughs), want to know how to break up with someone with the SMOOTHEST line i've ever heard, or how i tried to toss a man's salad - click the play button above or click the button below to

+ the breakdown + 

(times approximate) 

about this episode - 0:14

will's introduction - 1:12

how we met/our story - 3:03

why i chose will for this 'cast - 9:31

will's sex/lust/love story - 12:00

the smoothest breakup line ever - 15:59

my sex/lust/love story - 21:06

how life changed when i turned 30 - 30:09

will's train advice & why i sometimes think i'm a lesbian - 31:34

my obsession with hands - 33:58

is sex without strings possible for females AND males - 36:39

men have sex to impress other men ? - 39:39 

Nike Dri Fits, fleshlights, & fifi's - 40:04

will's date test - 40:52

what my situationship taught me - 41:56

will's a lover not a fucker - 42:45

will's first experience penetrating a woman - 44:06

how will's taste in women has changed from his 20's to 30's - 45:30

how my taste has changed - 46:48

is will a vanilla lover? - 51:20 

my salad tossing attempt - 51:57

never say no to your sex partner - 58:57

threesomes - 1:00:00

women's sexual prime - 1:01:00

missing the human touch - 1:03:00

higher or lower sex drive in your 30's - 1:04

why talking about sex is my favorite thing to do - 1:06


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