episode 001: starting somewhere


the moment has finally come! can you believe it?! i am SO excited to be finally launching the eleven:thirty podcast and for you all to be able to connect with me - and me to connect with you - on a level far deeper than where our pens have allowed us thus far! 

below is a breakdown of the show and also the links to my new social media accounts and the other places you can stream and download the podcast if you prefer to listen on your phone, your tablets, or in the car! (note: i will be updating these links as the 'cast becomes available) 

+  the breakdown  + 

(times approximate)

introduction- 0:14

about this episode - 1:38

new social media accounts - 2:10

where show will be available - 2:50

how/where to contact me - 3:39

about me - 4:19

the story behind my pen name - 6:40

leaving home - 9:44

starting a “vlog” - 11:26

am i done writing poetry? - 14:16

about the eleven:thirty podcast - 20:55

topics that will be covered on the show - 25:27

why the focus on 30-somethings? - 26:04

my mission - 27:18

aeing a guest on the show + email list - 28:31

closing  - 29:32

about episode 002 - 29:48

+  stream / download links  + 





+ new social media links + 





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love & light,