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we could ALL use a little elevation on hump day when it feels like the weekend is no where in sight, our day job is running us empty, and our passions are being neglected due to sheer exhaustion and lack of time.

to help keep my creatives, dream chasers, current entrepreneurs, &/or those thinking about going into business for themselves focused, inspired, motivated, & determined to stay on their purposeful path, these e-mails will include a vast variety of topics & tools ranging from books i recommend reading that could help your journey, my own personal stories/testimonies on the pursuit of my purpose, all the way to phrases you can affirm every morning before starting your day to keep you aligned with your goals!

my ultimate goal in doing this is that when the middle of the week rolls around & you’re mentally or emotionally drained, up will pop an email to elevate your spirit & remind you why you were created, the importance of finding & fulfilling your purpose, & why YOU can, will, & are FULLY capable of achieving every little thing your heart desires.

i want to the friend to you that i wish i was to myself over a decade ago when i was at a fork in the road with my dreams to the left & the voices of society to the right.

i want to, if nobody else will, be your one voice telling you to always go left.

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