you asked & i answered!

so if you follow me on instagram - either @eleven.twenty.four or @tribeofpoets - you would have seen that i posted in my story to ask me any question on any topic for this Q&A section. i do interviews all the time with fellow writers and yet i have never been interviewed myself so i felt like this was the perfect space and opportunity! thank you to everyone who messaged me with questions! i got so many and surprisingly - no creepy or inappropriate ones! way to come through, poetry community!  so lets get right into it - 

what is writing to you (ex: a catharsis, a lifeblood, something you cant go days without, etc) and why?

writing is literally like oxygen for me. it’s what keeps me alive (obviously not physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). 

what motivates you to wake up in the morning?

opportunity. now that i’ve discovered my purpose, every new day that i'm afforded i look at it as another chance to do something i’ve never done, meet someone new, or experience a new feeling or emotion. these days i am consciously trying to do things out of my norm just to see what happens.

where do you find your inspiration to write? anything in particular that fuels your soul more than other things?

honestly i can find it anywhere. it can be from my own personal experiences, a family member or friend's experience, a song, a commercial, a movie. i love to people-watch and observe how others interact or conduct themselves. then i like to use my imagination to create a story about them in my head like who they are, where they are going, or what’s happening in their lives. it sounds weird but if you're in a block it can be super helpful and inspiring! 

why do you always write in lowercase?

honestly and this is going to sound crazy but i just think lowercase letters are cuter LOL. i use capitals sometimes for emphasis and i use them when i write professionally but if it's poetry or content for myself i just prefer the look of lowercase.

who is your favorite author and why?

this question involves a level of commitment i don't think i'm ready for. this is so hard! i don't really have one but i will say my favorite instagram author (or author i found via instagram) is J. Raymond. i literally cannot get over his ability to be so raw and honest. i feel his words in all 206 of my bones.  

what else do you like to do besides writing?

SLEEP! it's truly my favorite thing to do other than write. i didn't sleep through the night until i was damn near 2 so i just like to think i’m making up for lost time. i like to do regular stuff though - go out to eat, movies, spend time with my family/friends - you know all the cliche stuff people say when describing their hobbies. but if i have any spare moments in my day my first thought is "how much time do i have to nap?" 

are you single?

define single . . .  (i got this question multiple times! i see ya'll wanting the tea!) 

who is your celebrity crush?

Idris Elba hands down. it doesn't even make sense the depths of which i lust for him.

when was the last time you fell in love? how much of your poetry is about that experience? 

i believe it was at some point in 2012 and i will say yes, a solid 91% of my poetry is about that time in my life. 

what is your biggest guilty pleasure? what about pet peeve?

guilty pleasure - i have so many i don't even think i can pick one. pet peeve - LATENESS. i absolutely detest being late or someone else being late when it comes to us having plans. i find it to be completely disrespectful to disregard the extra time i've devoted when i don't even have that much time to spare. 

if you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go?

it’s my dream to be able to surprise my mom with a trip to Italy but for myself - any exotic island will do. i just want to be somewhere surrounded by water.

have you forgiven yourself for past personal failures? why or why not?

i truly have. when it comes to things or people i genuinely care about, i give it 110% so if it doesn't work out the way i had hoped, i find peace in knowing that i tried and i gave it everything i had. i am fully accepting and understanding of the fact that some things just aren't meant to be and what is - will never miss me.

 where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

in 5 years i definitely want to be out of corporate america and working for myself, have my school loans and credit cards paid off, and to no longer be living in Philly. in 10 years i hope to be running my own company, able to take care of my mom so she never has to work another day, traveling around the world, but most importantly i just want to be genuinely happy and fulfilled. 

how can i make writing my fulltime job?

as soon as i either find out or figure it out myself i will be SURE to have it posted on this site for you all to follow my example.

are you a night owl or an early bird? when do you write best/the most?

it truly just depends on the day and my mood. i can be either/or but more times than not i'm an early bird. in my mind i write best at night but i feel like as of late my best pieces are written during the day when i’m at work not working LOL. 

what was your favorite childhood book? what's your favorite adulthood book?

well when i was really little i LOVED Berenstain Bears books. I actually still love them. then i grew into the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High. my favorite adulthood book is the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. it literally changed my life.

how many tattoos do you have? which one is your favorite?

i have over 30 and some ( the ones on my hands ) i've had to get done multiple times. all of them are either quotes or words so i can't say i have a favorite because they all mean something to me or represent a part of my life but i will say i love the placement of the one on my inner right leg the most.

what kind of music do you listen to?

i like a mixture and it usually depends on what mood i'm in or what i'm doing. i'd say r&b is my favorite overall but old school r&b, not whatever these new kids listen to. 

do you prefer micropoetry or long form?

what a question! well naturally i tend to write more long form. for awhile i felt the pressure to write micropoetry for instagram because that seems to be what gets the most attention/popularity and for awhile i liked it but i think ever since the algorithm has changed (and keeps changing) it's gotten harder for ANY piece to be seen and then the ones i do are like 5 words long with over a thousand likes. micropoetry is one thing but writing 5 words and calling it a poem is totally different so lately i have gone back to writing more long form. i feel good about it and not as pressured to write profound content in under 5 lines. if no one is going to see it i might as well enjoy writing it *rolls eyes*

who would u want to play you in a movie about you?

either Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. their personalities and sense of humor would be perfect.

do you do Tribe for you or for others?

i would say it's a combination of the two. i am driven to do it by others. when i read my DM’s of how this community has motivated people or help them network or make friends with others it feels good and i like being that type of catalyst so it pushes me to continue with it. i don’t really do it for myself as in i’m looking for a reward. i more so do it for myself because it makes me feel good TO do it.

what’s your favorite city to walk in?

New York! while it's very chaotic and busy - the energy you get from the streets of New York can not be found anywhere else. it truly is a magical place. 

what made you want to start Tribe of Poets?

early in 2017, it was actually suggested to both the poet i was originally hosting monthly challenges with and myself to just make one page and host from there. once the idea was in our heads it just kind of took off from there. i had no idea it would grow so fast or people would really engage and want to be a part of the community. that was a great surprise!

what are 3 adjectives that describe you?

passionate, pensive, and unrelenting

if you could live on your own island with one other person whom would you take with you?

my initial reaction was to say Idris Elba just because he is so damn beautiful however i would have to go with my mom. i don’t think i could ever spend anywhere for the rest of my life and not have her there with me. she is my best friend and my most favorite heart beat. 

name a poet from any time or space you would love to do a collab with?

this is SUPER hard. i think i have to go with Maya Angelou. she has always been a voice that has touched me and i have always felt i could relate to her words. a lot of poets, especially the older more classic ones, write and use such big fluffy words that i either A) need to check a dictionary or thesaurus after each line or B) i just don't understand it but she writes with such clarity and raw emotion that it instantly touches me. there is nothing wrong with those styles however it's just not the type i am attracted to. i feel like Maya gets me and i get her and i feel the collab would be well balanced and great (if i must say so myself LOL).

thank you all so so much for reading through this and getting to know a little bit more about me! 

love & light,