i am officially an Amazon Influencer & what's this you hear about a podcast ?!




                                                click here to visit my store! 


on a scale from 1 - excited, i'm at about 1000 ! 

i've been contacted quite a few times about being a social media influencer however they were never opportunities that were a good fit for my brand or even ones i felt spoke to any of my passions or future plans/goals. i refuse to endorse or be affiliated with anything/anyone i don't truly believe in and would advise anyone to partake in or experience so i've been very guarded with what i put my name on and also what i invest my energy into. 

i received an email from Amazon about their Influencer program MONTHS ago and i forwarded it over to my "business manager" to check it out and see if it was official. he read the small print and said he thought it was legit but then i sort of .... forgot about it. real life got hectic, #dontcallmecrazy was about to launch, thoughts of ending Tribe were getting more and more consistent, and i just didn't have brain power to add anything else onto my plate. 

i was away on vacation last week, sitting on the beach plotting my takeover of the world, when another idea for my upcoming podcast popped into my head, and then i remembered my Amazon Influencer offer. i automatically knew how i could now benefit from the program however i was terrified there was a time limit to when i could respond. so there i was, covered in tanning oil and sweating to death, searching through 9,000 emails for the offer. i found it , filled out all the information, and then realized it was an application and i would have to wait to see if i was approved or not. anyone with a creative, passionate brain that moves at 1200 mph knows what a buzzkill that was.

i came back from vacation, headed back to work, was knee deep in paper that i had to catch up on and sort through when up popped the email that i had been accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program! 

so what is an Amazon Influencer? basically it's a program that Amazon offers social media influencers so that they can set up their own shop, sell products they use, recommend them to their following, and in turn, allows the influencers to make a profit!

i love the program because it allows ME to choose what i wish to put in my store, what fits with my brand, and what i truly believe could be beneficial to my followers. i have full control over what i share with my audience and honestly, there isn't much more i could ask for! 

so what will be in my shop? well if you haven't heard already, i will be launching a podcast VERY soon. my podcast, titled the eleven : thirty podcast, is a podcast dedicated to the 30-something year old experience. episodes will include topics anywhere from love, sex, relationships, mental health, current events, male vs. female experiences, dream chasing, fresh starts, and bittersweet endings. i will also be starting to vlog the next chapter of my life to add an extra element to the podcast. products offered in my shop will include the equipment i use for podcasting, vlogging, photography, books i review on the cast, books written by guests on the cast, products i use on the daily and can't live without, and more! i shop on Amazon more than i shop anywhere else so i'm definitely good for that last bit! 

and check this out - everything that ends up in my shop will be BUDGET FRIENDLY !  having a creative mind and ambitions bigger than my pockets, i fully understand how important budget friendly products are. i personally hate the B word. it's the bane of my existence actually but i do know its important to have if you ever want to live a debt free life (which at the rate i'm going, is not ever likely). 

if you click the link in the above image, you will be taken to my store however it's a bit naked at the moment because i just opened it and i am still working on setting things up. i will be adding products to my recommended lists so you can see the products i already have, use, and highly recommend purchasing if you have similar interests. i'll be adding to the lists regularly and will be posting the updates on my IG so keep an eye out! 

there are so many exciting things going on in my life these days and i cannot wait for you all to see what i've been working so hard on and where this little life of mine is going! 

love & light,